Shower S C R E E N S 

Our shower screens at Skeleton Glass are all custom made and measured to size. We supply and install with our Qualified Glaziers and service the Gold Coast, Gold Coast Hinterland, Tweed and South Brisbane regions. We have a wide range of styles and designs that should suit any space regardless of how difficult it may appear. We have a staff of experts who specialize in showerscreen installations and measuring.


Showers are typically broken down into three main style categories - Fully Framed, Semi Frameless and Frameless. 


Fully Framed Showers are known for being strong and robust. A frame covers all edges of the glass protecting it from potential knocks and accidental impact making them perfect for families who may be worried about their small children or perfect for owners of rental properties. Fully Framed Showers can come in a two or three door sliding set up or in a pivot swinging door with a magnetic full length handle. We can use a number of different types of glass in a framed shower including Grade A safety laminated glass and Grade A Safety toughened glass, clear or frosted. Laminated glass has an interlayer of laminate that holds two separate pieces of glass together in the case of a breakage it would hold itself together with a crack. Toughened glass goes through a process that makes the glass much stronger and impact savvy however, if the toughened glass was to break it would shatter into a number of small pieces limiting the damage. Glass options for fully framed showers include, clear glass, frosted glass (Cathedral, Satinlite, Acid Etch etc.) and tinted glass (grey, bronze etc.).

A couple of fully framed showers and fra
Fully framed sliding glass shower over a
Fully framed corner shower _haslhaus #sk

Semi Frameless Showers are sleek and modern and fit perfect in every type of home. If you are building new, renovating or just want to brighten up your bathroom by changing your shower this type of screen is the one for you! A Semi Frameless Shower can come in a two door sliding system or in a pivot door style. The aluminium frame usually runs around the perimeter of the shower while the centre of the screen is frameless, especially around the (pivot) door itself. We use a 6mm Toughened Glass and can offer clear glass, tinted glass or a small range of frosted alternatives.

Semi frameless sliding shower #skeletong
Black semi frameless shower #blackframe
Semi frameless in a newly renovated home

Frameless Showers are world renowned for their style, cleanliness and class. Frameless Showers let a smooth flow of light transition from the spaces surrounding them and make the bathroom look and feel larger than it actually is due to it having no framework. Depending on your desires and what look you are wanting to achieve you can either fit small wall brackets to hold the glass, have a aluminium wall channel or even leave a gap between your tiles and slide the glass in between to give the impression it is standing freely by itself. We use 10mm Grade A Safety Toughened Glass in most cases but can also use 12mm grade A Safety Toughened glass if your shower is too large to meet the standards under 10mm glass. We offer a substantial range of fittings in many colours including Chrome, Satin Silver, Matt Black and Gold. Frameless Showers can be stand alone panels, full enclosures with a sliding or pivot door or sit over a bath. If you like the finer things in life a Frameless Shower is the one for you!

Frameless slider and mirror #skeletongla
Frameless shower panel and glass shelf #
Frameless showerscreen and polished mirr

The friendly team at Skeleton Glass is here to answer all of your questions, to provide you with more information on our product line or to schedule a visit with you. Give us a call today on 07 55 633 559 and ask for your free quote from one of our highly experienced glaziers. We look forward to helping you.