Sliding Wardrobe Doors are great and practical for bedrooms, laundries, linen cupboards and storage in your garage. Our doors come in a number of different styles and panel selections.


Our doors use heavy duty nylon wheels and have aluminium tracks and frames. We can offer plain gyprock panels, vinyl gyprock panels, MDF boards, mirrors, painted glass, marble textured printed glass and custom image printed doors.


Sliding Wardrobe Doors come in two main frame styles being Fully Framed Sliding Robe Doors and Semi Frame-less Sliding Robe Doors.


Sliding doors are fantastic for saving space, particularly in small bedrooms and offices where pivot opening cupboard doors can dominate the room. 

For a space saving, practical and modern solution for an existing room or the latest in style technology for a new home contact us now for a free quote!

Fully Framed Sliding Robe Doors are the traditional doors that hold any type of 9mm board including gyprock and MDF as well as all types of 4mm glass stretching from mirrors to custom printed glass. All Glass in our robe doors are provided with a Grade A Safety Vinylback that holds the glass together if there was ever a breakage. This safety feature stops glass from falling down and cutting anyone or damaging your floor. The normal track width for Framed robe doors is 82mm for a standard double track and 124mm for a standard tripple track. If your space is limited we can also offer a Slimline Door that minimises the track width to 55mm for a double track and 82mm for a tripple track.

Black framed robe doors with mirror and
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Fully framed super white robes with midr
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Semi Frameless Sliding Robe Doors provide a more modern and streamline finish. Our aluminium frame wraps around the back of our glass and is glued and taped to the glass out of view while the frame has a small lip that also tucks over the face of the glass for extra security. This new age extrusion and its design stops the glass from ever being able to pop off the glue and out of its frame if there was a force pushing on the glass from behind or in front making it much more superior to previous styles. The frame is specifically designed for 4mm Grade A Safety Vinylbacked glass and is usually fitted with mirrors, painted glass, marble textured printed glass or custom photo digital prints. Our track width for Semi Frameless Sliding Robe Doors is 82mm for a standard double track and 124mm for a standard tripple track. For more information or a free quote call or email us today! 

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